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Our activities 2004

Morocco - Feasibility study

Subject: Critical analysis of the actuarial study made by the “Caisse Nationale d’Organismes de Prévoyance Sociale (CNOPS)” during the update of the actuarial study in 2000, as the entry into force of the Law 65-00 for the State officials, staff of public institutions and local authorities, retired people from these groups and their dependents approaches.
Analysis made by the NIHDI actuarial service at the request of the CNOPS

Date: October 27

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Morocco - Mission in Rabat

Subject: Presentations in the framework of the seminar on the financing and management of basic medical cover in Morocco

Period: October 8 to 9

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Rwanda – Meeting with the representative of the Rwandaise d’Assurance Maladie (RAMA)

Subject: Nomenclature of the medical provision of services (meeting with a doctor from the medical service of NIHDI) and control of their reimbursement rates (meeting with a representative of the actuarial service of NIHDI)

Date: July 22

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