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Who are we ?

The cell Expertise & COOPAMI is a staff service (headed by the Chief Executive Officer of the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) created in November 2010 within the General Support Departments of NIHDI.

The missions of the service are organized around two axes:

You find more information under the "Expertise" section.

Below you will find the organizational structure of NIHDI where we situate ourselves as service staff within the department General Support Services.

Organigramme of the NIHDI

What are our objectives?

What do we do ?

COOPAMI focuses its activities on two areas: projects and training.

We propose multi-year programs to develop social protection, to support the exchange of knowledge and to implement modern management methods in the existing systems of social protection.

COOPAMI supports countries by developing projects in the field of social health protection. A specific approach is needed because each country is different. A model of social protection that could be applied to every country doesn’t exist.

In concrete terms, our actions take place

In Belgium we organize:

  1. the reception of foreign delegations around specific questions - INFORMATION on the Belgian system of reimbursement of health care (1-2 days)
  2. WORKSHOPS to exchange expertise around specific in the context of the Belgian social protection (2 to 5 days)
  3. each year a TRAINING in management of social security in health based on the Belgian system and open for the policy staff from developing countries working in public administration in charge of access to health care (1 month - in French)
  4. INTERNSHIP in the context of "capacity building" for policy staff of public administration in social security (for an a-priori unspecified duration)

In the field we organize:

  1. TRAININGS (maximum two weeks) for policy staff of public administration to allow the establishment or improvement of the social health protection system in the requesting country
  2. WORKSHOPS for the exchange of expertise around specific themes that are in the interest of the requesting country (2 to 5 days)
  3. FEASIBILITY STUDIES in the context of the establishment of a social health protection system in the requesting country (10 days on the field at the start of the survey + exploitation of data in Belgium)

In addition, we provide permanent assistance of our projects.

For this purpose COOPAMI has a video-conference installation that facilitates the exchange of expertise as well as the support of projects on the field for all the countries who have a similar installation.

Assistance is also possible via Webex and Skype.

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