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All the documents presented on this site only have an informational value.

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COOPAMI may not bear any responsibility with regard to the "up to date" character, the accuracy or completeness of any information consulted on this system or exchanged through this system. The information and documents available on the COOPAMI site can not be regarded as an authentic reproduction of the texts officially adopted. Only the official texts are considered as authentic.

COOPAMI can not guarantee that the information is free from viruses. The use or viewing of this site is at your own risk.

Linking to one or more sites, including links contained in those sites, does not necessarily mean that there is association, partnership, affiliation or endorsement of any kind.

By accessing the information covered by this warning, the user waives any claim or appeal whatsoever against COOPAMI regarding the use of data or information made available on the site.

Similarly, by accessing to the information covered by this warning, the user agrees to assume all risks associated with the use of the system and to waive any claim against COOPAMI, including the risk of damage to a computer, software or data by a virus that would be transmitted or activated by the system or by the fact that the user accesses to it.

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